2011 Plan

The Five County AOG Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan, completed in 2011, is the currently adopted multi-jurisdictional hazard mitigation plan for the five county region of Southwest Utah (Beaver, Iron, Washington, Garfield, and Kane County). This plan has been officially adopted by the vast majority of cities, counties, and towns in the region. We are working in collaboration with local partners to update this Plan. Please follow the links below to access the currently adopted Plan.

Pages from 2011 Five County NHMP

Five County AOG Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan (entire document)

Cover and Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Executive Summary

Chapter 2 – Mitigation Plan Introduction

Chapter 3 – Mitigation Strategy: Prioritization Methodology

Chapter 4 – A Picture of the Five County Region

Chapter 5 – Identifying Hazards

Chapter 6 – Beaver County

Chapter 7 – Garfield County

Chapter 8 – Iron County

Chapter 9 – Kane County

Chapter 10 – Washington County

Appendix A – Map Index

Appendix B – GIS Metadata

Appendix C – Plan Adoption Resolutions

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