2022-2027 Plan

The Five County Association of Governments began a plan update of the Multi-jurisdictional Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan in July 2020. The current plan is set to expire in spring of 2022.

This update will provide more detailed strategy for the incorporated cities and towns in the region in addition to the county and regional-level strategy seen in past iterations of the plan document.


Progress, meetings, and news about the 2022 NHMP update will be posted here as they are available.

2022 Five County AOG NHMP

Following an extensive process engaging communities, organizations, and the public for this plan, the Five County Association of Governments has met the requirements set by the State of Utah and FEMA for this planning process. Communities will adopt the plan by resolution to receive an approval from FEMA indicating that they have met planning requirements. The plan may be viewed by clicking the image below.

Project Timeline

The 2022 NHMP update is an 18-month planning process working with jurisdictions, stakeholders, and members of the public to establish representative goals and actions to decrease hazard risks. The plan is expected to be completed and ready for jurisdiction adoption in early 2022.

  • Fall 2020

    • Develop planning team, regional and local
    • Gather data
    • Public engagement strategy
  • Winter 2020

    • Risk assessment
    • Public engagement
    • Mitigation strategy
  • Spring 2021

    • Action plan for implementation
    • Plan maintenance procedures
  • Summer 2021

    • Final draft of plan complete
    • Public review of draft
  • Fall 2021

    • Submit plan to State and FEMA for review and approval
  • Winter 2021

    • Jurisdiction adoption of plan